Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR - CSO

Corporate Social Responsibility (Opportunity) is rising in importance as consumers are vigilant about all areas of corporate activity. Concerns about social, economic and environmental sustainability of the planet – and the impact of companies on these issues – will require companies to align their practices and conduct with the societies in which they operate.

Media Relations

Our expertise and techniques ensure that the media coverage we generate provides real and lasting value to our clients with a positive high-impact. Our team has a deep knowledge of government, sports and leisure, financial, political parties, consumer media, health and wellness media, business, stock markets as well as international institutions and entities.

Digital engagement

We help clients launch and integrate digital initiatives and tap leading social networks to build communities, drive conversations and influence preference. In addition, we interconnect the digital with the physical world by blending actions in events, point of sale, or with products. We ensure companies are well positioned in the marketplace. We work across all media channels to engage influencers, maximize awareness, drive adoption and deliver a high ROI.

Employee engagement

We believe that employees are often a company’s most important advocates and brand ambassadors and instilling a strong affinity for the company and understanding of its values among employees is one of the most effective ways to ensure information about a company’s sustainability efforts reaches the public. We advise executive leadership and management from private and public entities how to achieve highly engaged relationships with their employees and then implement campaigns focused on building an engaged workforce.

Financial Communication

We provide strategic advice and tactical support for major financial transactions, investor relations, crisis and issues management and executive media engagements. Financial communications are critical to attaining and maintaining investor interest, supporting the optimal pricing of shares and executing successful merger and acquisitions deals, whether public or private. We can provide both the advice and implementation required to help you achieve your corporate goals.

Reputation and Crisis Management

At Qantara Partners we believe that reputation is a vital determinant of sustainability in the modern business environment. Its complex nature requires a strategic, holistic approach. Continuous Reputation Monitoring is becoming a core business function that influences strategic decisions about the direction of the business and how to communicate with stakeholders. We help private and public organizations to act quickly and with positive result in front of a crisis. We plan and implement a 360 degrees crisis strategy.

Health and Wellness Communication

With more than 20 years of expertise we have a worldwide network of health and wellness professionals with work experience in International Organizations, multinational health companies. Past projects include program communications, public policies, programs implementation, education, change management on population behavior, emerging markets. Our clients range from Governments, nonprofit and local entities to private companies.

Monitoring and Reporting

Our work through data collection, insights and reporting methodology delivers metrics and advice in four distinct areas: reputation, communication, issues, and stakeholder analytics.

Start Up development

Qantara supports early-stage start-ups and small companies looking for strategic communications and management consulting counseling. We provide interim management as well as a complete PR strategy campaign to position the company in the market with the objective to reach its objectives in a shortest time.

Interim management

We offer Interim management by providing temporary management resources and skills. Interim management helps our clients to solve critical assignments and projects that require personnel with proven success track record. Our executive managers can support during a period of transition, crisis or change within an organization. Additionally, our manager can support an internal training until somebody internally is suitable for, or available to take up, the position in question.